Friday, January 2, 2009

Grandma's Fairytale

After a long spell of time
I am eagerly waiting for advent of fairytale
Children are also sleepless
Sitting surrounded before fireplace
With a great hope
`We want to listen memorable fairytale from Grandma!'

She was sitting in a mat made of paddy straw
Suddenly where she disappeared and till now?
These are not answers from faitytale
Grinding a bulk of corns
Threshing a heap of grains
Helpless Grandma
Crossed the horizon.

Grandma tells the story with burst of laughter-
"While taking midday meal
In the middle of paddyfield
Your Grandpa sneezed in ecstasy
Touching his own wrinkled cheeks with soiled hands
While felling to rest in the field
Twinkled pythonlike dream
The dream of Grandpa
Appeared during few moment's sleep
Ran away to other hillocks".

My Grandma-
Always appear in my dreams
Like a bride returning after a long spell of time
From her mother's home
A can of curd and a sack of beaten rice in her hands
Sitting with comfort in portico
Says- "I have a fairytale
For the children sitting surrounded before fireplace."
Translated from Nepali by Poet

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